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With over five decades of experience in the goods transportation industry we have contributed immensely towards setting standards in providing the best of services. We have been one of the pioneers in streamlining the whole goods transportation process and putting in place the best practices and playing a vital role in the development growth of India. Our customer loyalty speaks volumes about the quality of service we provide. With us you can be sure of safe and timely delivery of your goods.

Less than Truck Load

Less-than-truckload, is a shipping service for relatively small loads or quantities of freight. This service offered by us can accommodate the transportation needs of countless businesses that need to move smaller batches of goods frequently.

Full Truck Load

In a Full truckload scenario, our truck carries one dedicated shipment. The journey will be reserved entirely for your shipment only. Preferable for larger quantities.

Door Delivery and Pick up:

Our network of truck agents which are located at all over our booking points ensure that your consignments reach to its final destination in a fully secured mode. We also gratify to all your transportation needs by providing you door-to-door Pick Up & Delivery Transportation services.

Paid, To Pay and TBB (To be Built)

Keeping in mind flexibility for the clients. There are three types of payment schedules offered by GM Carriers.

  • Paid: The payment is made when the goods are brought to the warehouse by the consigner at the booking office.
  • To Pay: Payment is made when the goods are delivered at the final destination at the delivery office or to the assigned person for door delivery.
  • To Be Built (TBB): There is a credit period of 2 months given to the client. After which the client needs to pay an amount corresponding to the bill he receives for these two months.

Our warehouses offer ample space for organised storage and also ensure safety for all your goods before being transported to its final destination. We have 24-hour security through our central monitoring security systems. Hence, the safety of your consignments is maintained.


As a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company we aim at providing efficient transportation services to our customers and satisfy them to maximum extent. We know that a delay in shipping the freights can cause considerable loss to our clients and disrupt their supply chain, therefore we increase the speed of the supply chain by providing on-time delivery. It is extremely important in maintaining the efficiency in supply chains. Supply Chain Consultancy is a futuristic area currently under development at GM Carriers and will launch in the near future.

Loading And Unloading Services: These two important jobs take place under the guidance of experts, and ensure complete safety is maintained while the overall phase is completed. This involves unloading, storing, loading. It is carried out with extreme care, so that no item is tampered during the entire phase.


Many people today rely on technology to communicate with customers, prospects and co-workers. But face-to-face human interaction is what still drives business success. Customer service is gained by maintaining positive relationships. We believe that it is far more cost effective to build loyalty with existing customers than to keep replacing them that is why loyalty-focused companies consistently outperform their competition. To prove the efficiency of the company, GM Carriers have focused on technology for providing convenience to their esteemed customers.

By entering your LR number, you can get information on your goods. Goods transported within Maharashtra, the clients get total information on the consignment. For the goods transported to Hyderabad, the clients get additional information on whether the goods have arrived at the delivery warehouse or not Company's we centric solutions have more value for its clients in terms of locating their consignment easily.

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