Our operations professionals along side efficient logistics software ensure safe and on time deliveries even in the most challenging scenarios.


Our state-wide network covers the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.  With last mile connectivity we amplify our reach in the network.

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About GM Carriers

GM Carriers is one of the most reputed transport organization serving a variety of industries for over 5 Decades throughout its statewide office network. The organization is practically the lifeline of country’s remote Western Southern sector comprising the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

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Services we offer 

Express Transportation Services

We have been pioneers in streamlining the whole goods transportation process and putting in place best practises for efficient and consistent service.

Warehousing Services

Our warehouses offer ample space for organised storage and also ensure safety for all your goods before being transported to its final destination.

Supply Chain Services

It is extremely important in maintaining the efficiency in supply chains. Supply Chain Consultancy is a futuristic area currently under development at GM Carriers and will launch in the near future.

Online Tracking Services

Customer service is gained by maintaining positive relationships. We believe that it is far more cost effective to build loyalty with existing customers than to keep replacing them that is why loyalty-focused companies consistently outperform their competition.


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guarantee timely deliveries

prompt settlement of claims

computerized operations

personalised services

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